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  • Francis Laleman

    Francis Laleman

    a husband, father, painter, writer, train-the-trainer, workshop facilitator. author of “Resourceful Exformation” (a book on facilitation) available from Amazon.

  • Chelsea Haring

    Chelsea Haring

  • Peter Burns

    Peter Burns

    Peter is extremely curious and wants to know how everything works. He blogs at Renaissance Man Journal (http://gainweightjournal.com/).

  • Esther Blázquez Blanco

    Esther Blázquez Blanco

    CEO & Founder at Deep Business Connection. Resident at the House of Beautiful Business.

  • Luís Roque

    Luís Roque

    Ph.D. Computer Science | Former Co-Founder & CEO at HUUB ▇▆▇▆▆▅

  • Motoki


    Entrepreneur, creative mind. Digital strategist, analogue musician and photographer.

  • Nevertheless


    A podcast celebrating the women transforming teaching and learning through technology

  • Dave Gray

    Dave Gray

    Founder, XPLANE. Author, The Connected Company and Gamestorming http://xplaner.com

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