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Was ist der wahre Sinn des Lebens? Und wie lebt man ein erfülltes und langes Leben? Derzeit gibt es einen Hype zur Sinnsuche – man findet etliche Programme zum Thema “Purpose”.
Doch wie komme man dem Sinn des Lebens näher? Findet man ihn, wenn man erfolgreich(er) im Beruf ist? Oder wenn man eine Familie gründet?

Wir leben in einer schnelllebigen Gesellschaft und finden kaum noch die Zeit, um uns die wichtigen Fragen des Lebens zu stellen. Viele Menschen greifen daher zu vielversprechenden und schnelle Lösungen versprechenden Konzepten. Dies erklärt auch den Hype um das japanische Konzept des “Ikigai”. Doch worum…

Motoki recently talked to Chris Do on Instagram live, you can watch it here and we have summarized the talk here for you.

Chris Do is a man of many talents. He’s an Emmy award-winning designer, director, strategist, lecturer, consultant, and entrepreneur. Over the course of his two-decade career, he’s worked on creating commercials for prestigious brands like Nike, Xbox, and Fox Sports as well as music videos for bands like Coldplay. His career epitomizes what it can look like when you can make money doing what you love.

In an effort to share that gift with others, Chris founded The Futur, an online platform for content and educational courses centered around design, branding, business, and UX. …

Photo by Motoki.

Kintsugi 金継ぎ ist die japanische Kunst, Zebrochenes wieder zusammen zu setzen. Es bedeutet sprichwörtlich “goldenes Zusammensetzen”. Kintsugi ist eine aufwendige Reparaturtechnik, bei der Keramikstücke wieder zu einem neuen Ganzen zusammengesetzt werden — die “Narben” werden anschließend mit echtem Gold bedeckt.

Dahinter steht die Idee, dass alle Dinge einzigartig sind — und ein Zerbruch nicht das Ende ist.

Wenn dies kunstvoll mit viel Liebe und Aufmerksamkeit gelingt, kann aus Zebrochenem und und Unvollkommenheiten ein noch viel stärkeres, neues Kunstwerk erschaffen werden.

Darin liegt eine Abkehr zum Perfektionismus und vermeintlich äußerer Schönheit und zugleich eine Annahme und Demonstration von Mut, sich Zerbruch…

Will the real IKIGAI please stand up?

There are some Japanese words that immediately grab the attention of our western minds such as Kintsugi (here is a video by us), Wabi-Sabi and many others. Besides the beauty associated with them, they also come along with a magical philosophical touch. One of the most famous examples is “Ikigai”. Ikigai is a Japanese social concept and philosophy on how to approach a meaningful life.

Over the last years, the topic of Ikigai gained more and more attention as people are amazed by the mental happiness of aging Japanese citizens and their will to work their whole lifetime.

A wonderful…

Why organisations should be telling stories in a strategic narrative

Photo by Randy Fath on Unsplash

After a decade of working with large corporations from different industries, from pharma to automotive and tech, one thing that has stood out over the years is the strategies that we see are put in place, some of which we also helped to develop. We see a base set of values, objectives and mission/vision.

However, what often lacks is a strategic narrative, a story that binds and fastens into one piece everything an organisation stands for, who you are, what you cherish and hold in high esteem. …

How one single event saved us valuable resources and 65,000kg of CO2

Virtual events are beginning to look more like a permanent alternative rather than just a temporal solution we have to settle for pending the time that things get sorted out. The truth of the matter is, no one really knows when things will pick back up, that is if it ever does. We cannot afford to put life on hold and stall everything while waiting in the bedroom for things to go back to “normal”. That in fact begs the question, what’s “normal”?

So while some are sitting laid back, leaning their heads on the hand, others are developing and…

How do you (we) deal with stress? Resilience simply explained

© Lumen Partners

Resilience is not innate, nor genetically fixed. Resilience is also not reactive — resilience touches on the question of how we actively deal with challenges, changes and stress factors. Stress factors can be setbacks, emotional challenges and unforeseen events — things that can happen to us all. Most importantly, resilience can be built up — a skill that can be trained.

Studies show that the way we deal with stress factors has a decisive effect on how we will feel about stress. The decisive factor is how we classify the stress factors for ourselves personally. This has further implications: Do…

The Case Study of a Digital Event Experience (DEXP)

This is the story of a renowned company, just like many others in a time like this, that was compelled to shift its modus operandi unexpectedly. The ball was set rolling for their two-day program, an event venue booked, over 500 expected participants, five stages prepared, 20 speakers announced, hundreds of hotel reservations made…. There was certainly a lot of effort being put into organizing the annual Liferay Digital Solutions Forum; LDSF 2020. …

It is not just about open innovation but openness to innovation

It is not just about open innovation but openness to innovation

— Curly and Salmelin¹

It was in the middle of a discussion with a friend that he said, “if only you could manage to put innovation and creativity in a box, you could ship it for lots of money to every organization out there.” Such a fantastic idea, but aren’t there already some approaches to this like the Adobe Kickbox, Design (thinking) kits? In addition to that, there are a whole lot of major consultancy firms who have innovation boxes in place. …

Photo by Dayne Topkin on Unsplash

In today’s era of rapidly-advancing technology and continuous improvement, it’s only natural for us to embrace modern ideologies especially when it comes to organizational excellence. But the 7-S framework, originally made famous by McKinsey, was developed so well that it has stood the test of time and is still in widespread use today.

Introduced in the late 1970s, the 7-S model represented a shift in thinking on how organizational efficiency is achieved, moving from a foundation of structure to one of coordination. …


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